We have been in the industry for almost 11 years. Part of our job being around that long is to know as much as we can about studies and strains. The knowledge that comes from being in the industry that long is huge and benefits all of our patients. Whether you are looking to reduce anxiety, fight an ailment, or simply sleep better. Our staff can guide you to products that may help ease everyday life. Some patients even report taking less prescriptions over time. Whatever your goal. Call us with questions and we will be happy to answer. I understand that part of society still does not understand cannabis as a medicine. For that reason we have stayed off the beaten path and develop products that can be used discreetly. Our compassionate outlook towards healing and our deep belief in cannabis keeps us here. We look forward to being better everyday and staying a part of our Montana cannabis community for another 10 years. Cannabis is the only thing we can harvest from mother earth that can heal ailments, feed and cloth communities, build houses, make bio-diesel etc. The list goes on and on. Wanna learn more or just talk cannabis, call or come see us today.

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